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Gerrit Does retired from I.BMX.F. (August 1985)

Seen here a page from an American Magazine calledd "BMX PLUS" issue October 1985 were it is announced that Gerrit Does will retire as General Secretary from the I.BMX.F. During the annnual congress at the Worlds in Whistler - Canada.

GD Retires from IBMXF
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Before BMX there was BX (March 2008).

American BMX (20 inch special bikes) was shaped in the late ‘60’ s early ’70 ‘s in the USA. Youngsters imitating motorcycle moto-cross riders, on their bicycles was the reason to built these special bikes that were stronger and more reliable then the ordinary bikes, which were also very hard to find in the USA in those days.

Here a picture of Scot Breithaupt one of the early pioneers in BMX, riding a sting ray bike in around d1969. BMX started as a organized sport around 1971. The first officials organization was the NBA *National Bicycle Association”.

Scott Breithaupt at the BUMS track
Scott Breithaupt at the BUMS track.

However, on the old continent and more specific in Holland, a bicycle country by far, youngsters also imitated top International Moto-cross stars by riding normal road bikes, kind of prepared a little and some even with a side-hack. On the picture seen the “van Heugten brothers”  riding their bikes and they called it BX – Bicycle Cross.
The van Heugten brothers became a famous bunch years after these pictures were taken, winning National MX titles and in the Side-hack class even World Championship titles FIM.

Check out the article in the section News & Opinions on this subject (January 2007)


PRO TEC HELMET advertisement 1980

Avro TV BMX Series - November 2004

Seen on this picture is Gerrit Does being interviewed by Karel v.d. Graaf, the TV man who

Presented the AVRO TV BMX series during the early 80's in Holland.

Picture taken in the RIJNHAL in Arnhem during the AVRO INDOOR TROPHY, January 1983, were was announced that the first outside World Championship of BMX would take place in Holland and more specific in Slagharen.

1983 Rijnhal Indoor Arnhem-Holland,
Karel vd Graaf interviewing GD


RL Osborn and Mike Buff - November 2004

The RIJNHAL Indoor race concerned did draw so many spectators, that on National radio and TV it was announced: don't go there now, because the roads were blocked and the indoor hall was totally sold out. Fantastic time during the first 6 years of BMX in Holland, that's for sure.

RL Osborn and Mike Buff were a well know trick team at the time. Both guys stayed at my house for some time, together with Scot Breithaupt. This was during the period that the USA rider Kyle Flemming was killed in a car-train accident and that The Duke (Duke Dana) of Oakley was in a coma due to the same accident. I remember RL Osborn talking over the phone to The Duke while he was in a coma. Doctors said he might hear his words and this could help him fight for his life. And he did. A few years later we could see him coming down hanging on a wire at the Bercy Indoor (1988).

RL and Mike performed many times in Holland and Belgium, during the stay at my house.

VANS, old skool as well - November 2004

Advertisement of VANS in BMX Action in 1982. Vans now world famous and not only in BMX. They came a long way!

July 25th 2003


yo, old schoolers...

I know this is a cruel thing to do -- but, I've gotta do it. Can't keep it a secret any longer...

Attached here is THEE very first studio shot of REDLINE's LIMETED EDITION "30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FRAME-KIT" (well, actually, all you get to see is the frame and fork -- but it'll come in a cool package with nickel plated V-Bars and Flight cranks!)

And here are some facts about it:

Yup ... ain't I a tease?!

Keep your ears open for more info as I am able to release it. Hope you dig being one of the first people to set eyes on it.

marketing director / REDLINE


January 2003


This cover of an old Commadore game called BMX Racers was sent to us by Björn Neuber.

October 2002


Sunday September 29th 2002 finally the Holland-Belgium Old Skool of BMX Reunion took place at the town of Luyksgestel - Holland, about 20 km south of Eindhoven. Many olds skool BMX’ers have been waiting for this moment. A lot of them told me, they had already great fun preparing for this event, looking for old uniforms, bikes and checking out old pictures.

The overall organization of the event was in the hands of the University of BMX chairman, Gerrit Does and in cooperation with the BMX club “De Duurtrappers” of Luyksgestel this event was made a big success. On the Saturday before the event a big tent that good holt 250 persons was set up on the grounds of the BMX track.
On Sunday it became clear that this tent was too small. Thanks to the fantastic weather (sunshine all day long) it did not become a problem for the over 300 persons to even spent time outside the tent.
Out of the 300 persons present at around 14.00 hours, there were about 125 old skool BMX’ers, around 40 children of old skoolers (potential new BMX racers) and the other people were partners and/or fathers/mothers/brothers and sisters. Main goal was to make this a social happening.

Putting up the tent for the REUNION

Getting the inside of the tent ready

On arrival everybody received a drink and something to eat. At 14.00 hours Gerrit Does officially opened the Holland – Belgium Old Skool of BMX Reunion 2002 and explained the planning and time schedule for the rest of the day.
At 14.30 hours all those old skool BMX’ers present who wanted to participate in a training on the track
picked up their ‘70/’80 bikes and uniforms and got ready. Wilco Groenendaal and Nico Does conducted the training in which about 60 riders took part, the rest watched their friends struggle.
Many riders, still active on other sports, had no problem putting on there old uniforms. Ofcourse there
were some exceptions: Jan v.d. Dungen, in the early days a 70 kg rider, now weighs around 130 kg! Didn’t plactise with the group, but still is the same sympathetic gay from back then. Jan’s nick name was “Helicopter Jantje” and famous because his name was mentioned on Dutch National TV many times by Mr. Karel v.d. Graaf of the AVRO TV.
It must be sad that most of the riders did not loose there skills after 10 till 15 years no BMX riding. It was a different story with their physical condition though. In general they had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves very much indeed.

Meeting old friends

The Kelders brothers report at registration with Mieke and Gerrit Does

Wilfred v.d. Haterd and Gerrit Does talking

Among those present were many former top riders like Phil Hoogendoorn, Mike Hoogerheijde,
Pierre van Zuylen, Bas de Bever, Nico Does, Pieter Does, Wilco Groenendaal, Danny Neijs,
Anita v.d. Mortel, Anne van Happen, Heidi Kelders and son on. Check out the complete list of all who participated in this event.
From Belgium there were not that many riders. Chris Jacobs, Peter Vandervoort and Nico van Dartel, the University of BMX webmaster were present.
Special guest from Belgium was 4 time World Champion Moto-cross 500cc JOEL SMETS. Joel couldn’t be present at first because he had to race in the USA (Moto-cross des Nations). But, this race was cancelled and Joel did join the Reunion. He brought his bike and practiced with all the others.
Gerrit Does interviewed Joel for the crowd present. Joel explained he does practice on his BMX bike regularly on his home town BMX track at Dessel, called the Joel Smets BMX Track (next location for a Reunion!). Even other top World Class moto-cross riders do join him riding BMX bikes at the same track.

Groups picture with Old Skool BMX'ers with in front JOEL SMETS (white shirt)

During the training session, the 2 announcers interviewed several riders, asked them about what happened after their BMX career and so on. One rider, Maarten van Happen who lives in Switzerland now, specially returned to Holland for this event.

By the way, Gerrit Does had trouble preventing Old Skool riders from England, France and Germany to come over and joining the crowd too. That’s for next year guys! Then we will have an international reunion, o.k.!
Still we did have some attendance from Germany, my good friends Dieter and Rainer Schadowski came to Holland and did bring part of their Old Skool Museum for display. Thanks guys!
From Holland Dirk Jan de Vries and Sander Taphorn from Purmerend did bring a part of their Old Skool of BMX Museum and did put it on display too.

During the day, Peter van de Wildenberg (Rob’s father) filmed all activities. A special video tape will be put together which tape can be bought later on (watch info on www.univofbmx.com about this).
Walter Tjallinks took about 250 pictures of which several published right here in this article. From time to time we will change the picture gallery on the 2002 reunion on this site.

As scheduled, around 17.00 hours everybody was asked to come into the tent for the Buffet that was prepared by Ger van de Velde, the mother of an Old Skool BMX riders and announcer Martin van de Velde. Great job don Ger!

The buffet looked great

260 harings, nice

During the buffet, video’s from the AVRO TV BMX series and the 1983 Worlds in Slagharen were shown.
At the end of this day Gerrit Does did thank the three co-sponsors of this event, Mr. Alfons Busschers, Mr. Piet Ende and Mr. Jan Schippers. The organization even spared some money to be able to give € 250,= to the newly built Ronald McDonald House in Veldhoven.
By name of Carlos Swinkels of which a story on this website, all Old Skool BMX’ers that died in the past years due to accidents or illness, were remembered. Gerrit took special advantage of this happening to thank his wife in front of all those people that know here too very well, for over 35 years of support and understanding in sports: first as an active motocross rider himself, then as a trainer-coach, after that during over 29 years of BMX activities and all of that all over Europe and in the world. Tina Turner’s “your simply the best” supported his statement.

At around 19.00 hours it was all over. Everybody expressed their feelings telling that they had a great day and went home with a very positive feeling. Some plans for 2003 have been made already, then it will be an International Reunion, also because BMX exists 25 years in Holland and therefore in Europe then. Watch out for the information here on this site, on the INTERNATIONAL OLD SKOOL of BMX REUNION and CELEBRATION of 25 YEARS of BMX 2003.

Gerrit Does

Go to the galleries to see more photos:

Participants Old Skool of BMX Reunion 2002

Ad Tops
Alberto de Jesus
Anita v.d. Mortel
Anne v. Happen
Arjan v.d. Groendaal
Arjan Verschuiten
Arnold v. Eeuwijk
Bart Baselmans
Bas de Bever
Bennie Verbeek
Bianca Tenniglo
Boyd Karsmakers
Carry Graus
Chr.vd Groenendaal
Chris Jacobs - B.
Danny Gijsbers
Danny Neijs
Dave Willemsen
Dirk Jan de Vries
Donnie v.d. Wiel
Edwin Heemskerk
Eric Mulders
Erik Dukino
Erik vd Nieuwenh.
Frans de Vroom
Fred v. Breemen
Fred Waasdorp
Freddy Nooijen
Freddy v. Tongeren
Ghedy v.d. Aker
Gladys Vakkers
Hans Boorsma
Hans ter Weeme
Harm v. Brussel
Heidi Kelders
Henri Kelders
Jacco Herijgers
Jacqueline v. Meurs
Jan Kwanten
Jan v.d. Dungen
Jan van Loon

Jan W. Gottenbos
Jan Willemsen
Jeffrey Bignell
Jelke v.d. Boogaard
Jill Vakkers
Joel Smets
Johan v.d. Velde
John Reijbroek
Jolanda Oosten
Jolanda Polkamp
Jos van den Elsen
Jos Vincent
Karien Gubbels
Lammert Moerman
Leon Eggens
Leon Walravens
Lex Boer
Ludy v.d. Werff
Maarten Claas
Maarten Fransman
Maarten v.Happen
Magne Willemen
Marc v.d. Kort
Marc van Gerwen
Marcel Fleur
Marcel Mandigers
Marcel Polkamp
Marco Meijers
Marianne v. Meurs
Mario Kikkert
Mark Mandigers
Mark van Leur
Mark Wiebrands
Marko v. Ormondt
Marscha v. Spellen
Mart v.d. Helm
Martien v.d. Velde
Martijn v.d. Boogaard
Matthieu Tanken
Maurice Hamsink
Maurice Tenniglo
Ralf Blawanus + pa
Rene de Groot
Reno Verhappen
Rob v.d. Wildenberg
Robert Jacobs &
Rogier v. Diepen
Rogier van Hoof
Roland Bongers
Melanie Hoogendoorn
Meta v. Spellen
Mieke Brands
Mike Hogerheijde
Mike v.d. Wiel
Monique Franssen
Monique v.d. Aker
Nico Does
Nico van Dartel
Patrick Claessens
Patrick Kelders
Paul Vakkers
Peter Vandervoort
Phil Hoogendoorn
Pierre van Zuijlen
Pieter Does
Rainer Schadowski
Roland Dekker
Rolf Bluekens
Ron te Loo
Rudy Fransman
Sander Taphoorn
Shakira Mols
Stefan Disbeschl
Theo Peeters
Toon Schellekens
W. Bakers
Wendy Spierenburg
Wilco Groenendaal
Wilfried v.d. Haterd
Wim Rijk
Yarno v.d. Wiel
Zonto Dingen

September 2002


Ending last August the UCI World Championships took place in KAPRUN – Austria in the cycle disciplines of mountain bike cross-country, down-hill, trials and the new discipline 4 X (four cross, the replacement for dual slalom).

Since I never had been to such a World Championship, I decided to go there and see how things were organized at this UCI event. I did spent five days in Kaprun in a hotel, just across the grounds were the center of activities were, so, at a great spot. My former teammember Daniel Herz of the GT Euro BMX team arranged my stay at this hotel; thanks Daniel!

For me it became more like a kind of a REUNION. From the first day on, I did meet many old skool bmx’ers, now involved in down-hill, cross-country or 4 X. I’ll write about that in my article under OPINION (check it out).

Now I want to write about just a couple of guys that I met, specially on the last day of this event, Sunday September 1st.
During the days I stayed in Kaprun, I met with an old friend (young of age though); Franck Roman. We spent several hours together, talking about the early days of BMX, Franck’s experiences in down hill racing and now as a track designer for the 4 X events. Ofcourse we also talked about live in general and that’s something you can do with Franck very well, since he is very philosophical. We had e great time.
Anyway, on Sunday September 1st. the weather was very bad and both Franck and myself watched the cross-country events from the VIP area. We had a good look on the large screen in front of us.

Frank Roman joking

While standing there a man joined us and was introduced to me as Steve Boehmke, working for GIANT on PR stuff. My guess is that Steve was in his 40’s and soon I found out he used to be a BMX racer too. While talking about early day BMX in the USA, names like Perry Kramer came up. I told Steve, Perry stayed at my house and was one of the first 2 Americans to race in Europe (Perry Kramer and David Clinton). Steve was very surprised, he said: I do see Perry often, he works for Giant too!
Then Skip Hess (founder of Mongoose) came up and I asked Steve, do you know his sun and what has become of him. He said, I know him very well too, works for Giant as well. Well, about 10 minutes later, many names from early BMX have been spoken about and Steve was flabergasted about me knowing all this guys.
Then suddenly Steve brings up WEBCO bicycles being the first big name in BMX. I showed him my “backpack” with a large badge on it with WEBCO bicycles. Steve went out of his mind. I told him my son Nico started WEBCO Europe in 1991 and the brand still excises in Europe.

Old Skooler's did meet; fltr Steve Boehmke, Craig Kundig and Gerrit Does

Then another American joined our group of three (Franck, Steve and myself) and Franck introduced me to that man too. When I told him I was from Holland, the man said: well, I have been in Holland in 1983. I went to the Worlds in Slagharen and maybe you know them, two of my riders became World Champions: Clint Miller in Pro class and Gary Ellis in 16 Expert class.
Slagharen … Clint Miller, Gary Ellis !!!!! ofcourse I know them and then I told Craig Kundig ( that was the man’s name) that I was the organizer of that event and that Clint and specially Gary were very familiar to me.
Gary and I even were inducted into the ABA Hall of Fame in the same year, 1998. That’s how small our world is.
Craig Kundig now is a main official for the UCI in MTB cross-country and also Should his great appreciation for the general organization and track design of the 4 X event towards Franck Roman.
This is just BMX down hill he said, only on big wheel bikes. It was great !!!
And I agree 100%.
Well, this is my small story about OLD SKOOLERS meeting in KAPRUN. It also shows how small our world is! The best to you guys and till we meet again, sometime – somewhere. BMX RULES.


July 2002






Date: SEPTEMBER 29th 2002

Check out the


Dear friends,

With this months update, I want to inform you all about the present situation on the Old Skool REUNION activities in Europe.

1. The history of European Old Skool BMX Reunions.
2. The upcoming "1st Holland-Belgium Old Skool of BMX Reunion 2002".
3. The "International Old Skool of BMX Trophy des Nations", the celebration of the 25th anniversary of organized BMX in Holland and therefore Europe, to be held in August 2003.

Sub 1. The history of Old Skool of BMX Reunions in Europe is about 9 years old.
Germany will have its 8th Reunion July 7th 2002 in Weiterstadt. This happening takes place in conjunction with a regular BMX event organized by the B.D.R. The Old Skool event is named " VETERANEN CUP" and riders will perform on Old Skool bikes and possibly in Old Skool uniforms. Its a fun happening that takes place once a year.
The German organizers are Olaf Klein and Ralf Mauritz.

France started organizing a Reunion of Old Skool BMX'ers in 2000. Besides the riders, also family members came along, like parents, riders wife's and even the riders children. The event took place in the city of Beaune (close to Dyon), the former center of BMX developments. September of this year the third Old Skool Reunion will take place in Beaune. Former World and National Champ Claude Vuillemot took the initiative to organize this Reunion.

England had its first official Old Skool Reunion last year. Former top rider Alan Woods took the initiative. Right now the Old Skool riders do even compete on a regular base in a kind of Veteran Pro
class within the existing BMX organization. So, this Reunion changed into a regular competition.
Also here, riders do use Old Skool bikes and uniforms and have fun!

Sub 2. Holland and Belgium will have their first ever official Reunion mid September 2002 in the small town of Luyksgestel - Holland. The track is located about 15 minutes from the city of Eindhoven, between the Belgium border and Eindhoven.

In 2003 the then called "Belgium - Holland Old Skool of BMX Reunion" will take place at the Joel Smets BMX track in Dessel - Belgium. This small town is located close to the Belgium city of Arendonk, about 20 from Eindhoven.
Each year the location will switch from the one place to the other. It will be a yearly event.
Old Skool riders who want to start competing again, are able to join the K.N.W.U. or F.B.B.
Frank Smets of the Dessel BMX club and Gerrit Does (University of BMX) in co-operation with The Luyksgestel BMX club are the actual organizers here.

Details of the Holland-Belgium Old Skool of BMX Reunion 2002 will be sent to all those who registered in the meantime with the University of BMX. Enclosed you can find the list of names of over 150 Old Skool BMX'ers who already registered.

Sub 3. In October 2003, BMX as an official registered sport, exists 25 years in Holland and being a part Europe, therefore BMX also exists 25 years in Europe. Besides the yearly, at National level scheduled and organized Reunions, I want to take the initiative to organize s special INTERNATIONAL OLD SKOOL OF BMX REUNION, to take place in the South of Holland (location to be determined yet).

This should be a happening of recognition and friendship. The planning is to have a celebration party on a Saturday evening in August 2003 and the next day, Sunday those who feel capable of competing will be invited to take part in the "International Old Skool THROPHY des NATIONS" competition.

This competition concerns a TEAM event only, for National Old Skool - and Old Skool Factory teams.
Riders from Germany, France, England, Belgium and Holland as well as a team from the USA will be invited to take part in this event. Those riders who had a license in 1978 through 1989 with their National organization at the time, are allowed to compete.
Old Skool bikes and Uniform are preferable.

Classes in which riders will run are: MEN, Old Skool class 29 till 34 years old.
Old Skool class 35 till 40 years old and Old Skool class 41 and over years old.

LADIES, Old Skool class 29 and over.

MEN, Old Skool ATB/MTB class 29 & over.

A team must have at least 5 riders, one in each class.
Each country must enter at least 2 National teams and there is a no limit to Factory teams.
Only Awards per team and for all participating teams a special anniversary medal will be given. Fun is essential.
From the USA we hope to have present during this celebration David Clinton and Perry Kramer, the US Pro's who were the first to come over to the European Continent to compete and promote the sport of BMX.
More details will follow later this year on this 2003 initiative.


P.S.: Do sent your address/fax.nr./phone nr./e.mail address to:
E-mail: g.does@worldonline.nl
Fax: (31)040.2220910
Post: G. Does - Eindhovenseweg 19 - 5582 HN Waalre - Holland

July 2002

First ever booklet on BMX dated 1974
I am proud to be in possession of the first ever booklet on BMX. My dear friend MIKE DEVITT, one of the BMX pioneers in the USA, did sent it to me. He also is the author of the booklet and still active in building BMX bikes, now together with Gary Turner (former GT owner).

July 2002

Some pictures I received from Old Skool bikes, riders and uniforms.

Alan Woods

Jeremy Hayes

Craig Schofied

Team Raleigh Burner

Blue Squad

Corine Dorland: Dutch National Championship Title Lost

Groesbeek-Holland, June 16th 2002

Today the Dutch National Championship Cross-country ATB/MTB/VTT took place in the small town of Groesbeek near the city of Arnhem in Holland.
CORINE DORLAND, the QUEEN of BMX with 10 World titles, could win here another Dutch National Title as she did last year, in ATB/MTB/VTT cross-country. She almost did, however, a few hundred meter
And out of sight of officials, here main competitor van de Brand, T-boned Corine in on of the last tight turns.
With only a tenth of a second mrs. Van den Brand did win the title and left Corine very upset at the finish line.

Anyway, now a days Corine also makes money acting as "model" for a bike wear company called ULTIMA.
Just to give you an idea, here three pictures of Corine on advertisements in magazines and papers.
It was in 1986 that an American photographer already predicted here future as a model, isn't that right mr. JOHN KER ? ( John now works for Moto-cross Action Magazine).
Here the pictures mentioned.


Corine Dorland acting as -model- for Ultima bikewear

Corine Dorland and Olympic MTB Champ Bart Brentjens

2002 Corine Dorland